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Road Safety Digest
Prevention Better than Cure
For your Information
Safe riding recommendations for 2 wheeler riders
Precaution to be taken by driver at unguarded railway crossing
Penalties by R.T.O
Detainence by R.T.O
Power of Licence Authority
Licence at Glance
Validity of Licence
Pollution Standards
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Duty of Driver in case of Accident
Parking of your vehicle
Precautions to be taken before overtaking
Characters of a Good Rider
Signs & Signals
Road Demarcation Lines
Driving in Road Junction
Handling Signaling for Riding Vehicles
Traffic Light Signals
Mandatory Signs
Informatory Signs
Cautionary Signs
Traffic Police Signs
 Prevention Better than Cure
Please Do not Race in public roads
Drive without a valid licence.
Drive under the influence of alcohol.
Exceed prescribed speed limits.
Drive without lights in the night.
Use horn in forbidden areas.
Park in the 'No Parking' areas.
Drive without a helmet.
Use cell phone while riding.
Ride with single hand.
Overtake at pedestrian crossing, blind corner/blends & narrow bridges.
Race in public roads.
Overtake from left side of the vehicle except when vehicle ahead is turning right.
Ride Continuously for long hours or when you are tired.
 For your information
Driving is a privilege, not a right. Road accident due to unsafe riding
70,000 people die in road accidents every year in India.
Drinking drivers are involved in about 38% of fatal crashes
Accidents occur every minute and death every 8th minute.
66% people between 21 to 45 - year's category die in road accidents.
Care, courtesy and consideration to other road users would reduce the accidents substantially.
Keep a safe distance between two vehicles.
Use lenses. They are there for your convenience and to regulate traffic.
Always drive carefully near schools, playgrounds and parks because children may suddenly dart on to the street.
  A good driver will always
a) look ahead,
b)look to the sides,
c) look behind.
Observe speed limits at all times.
 Safe riding recommendations for 2 wheeler riders

    Two wheeler riding is great fun and an exciting sport. Two wheeler riding also requires some extra precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of the rider and passenger. These precautions are:

Wear a Helmet

Two wheeler safety equipments start with a quality safety helmet. One of the most serious injuries that can happen is a head injury. Always wear ISI approved helmet. You should also have a suitable eye protection.

Riding Apparel

Loose, fancy clothing can be uncomfortable and unsafe when riding your two wheeler. Choose good quality two wheeler riding apparel when riding your two wheeler.

 Precaution to be taken by driver at unguarded railway crossing
Stop at every unguarded railway crossing.
Ensure that no train or trolly is approaching from either side of the track.
Pass the level crossing without changing gear while crossing.
 Penalties by R.T.O.
You can be penalized by R.T.O. for the following
Exceeding the permissible speed limits. (Sec. 112)
Not obeying traffic rules and regulations. (Sec. 118,119,121)
Leaving, Parking vehicle in dangerous position. (Sec. 122)
Riding on running board or on top or on the bonnet of vehicle. (Sec. 123)
Carrying more than one person in addition to driver on two wheeler motor cycle. (Sec.128)
Not wearing helmet while riding on two wheeler. (Sec. 129)
Talking on Cell/Mobile phone while driving. (MMV Rule 250-A)
Failed to produce driving licence and certificate of registration to the officer on duty. (Sec. 130)
 Detainence By R.T.O
Your vehicle can be detained by the R.T.O authority for the following
Driving without valid licence.
Driving unregistered motor vehicle.
Non Payment of motor vehicle taxes.
Rash & Negligent driving.
Driving under influence of Alcohol & Drugs.