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Road Safety Digest
Prevention Better than Cure
For your Information
Safe riding recommendations for 2 wheeler riders
Precaution to be taken by driver at unguarded railway crossing
Penalties by R.T.O
Detainence by R.T.O
Power of Licence Authority
Licence at Glance
Validity of Licence
Pollution Standards
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Duty of Driver in case of Accident
Parking of your vehicle
Precautions to be taken before overtaking
Characters of a Good Rider
Signs & Signals
Road Demarcation Lines
Driving in Road Junction
Handling Signaling for Riding Vehicles
Traffic Light Signals
Mandatory Signs
Informatory Signs
Cautionary Signs
Traffic Police Signs
 Traffic Light Signals
Stop & Relax Get ready to move Move forward
Stop & Relax Get Ready
to Move
Move Foreward
Amber Left Turn Stop at Stopline
Stop at Stopline
Left Turn
even if signal
is in red
Stop at stopline.
Observe and proceed
[if red blinks]
Amber blinks Pedestrians to stop Pedestrians can move
Observe and
then proceed
[if amber blinks]