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Road Safety Digest
Prevention Better than Cure
For your Information
Safe riding recommendations for 2 wheeler riders
Precaution to be taken by driver at unguarded railway crossing
Penalties by R.T.O
Detainence by R.T.O
Power of Licence Authority
Licence at Glance
Validity of Licence
Pollution Standards
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Duty of Driver in case of Accident
Parking of your vehicle
Precautions to be taken before overtaking
Characters of a Good Rider
Signs & Signals
Road Demarcation Lines
Driving in Road Junction
Handling Signaling for Riding Vehicles
Traffic Light Signals
Mandatory Signs
Informatory Signs
Cautionary Signs
Traffic Police Signs
 Power of Licencing Authority
Power of licencing authority to disqualify or hold the licence is as follows
Assault on passengers.
Theft of personal effects of passengers.
Transport of goods prohibited under any law.
Abduction of passengers.
Carrying overloads in goods carriages.
Driving at speeds exceeding the speed limits.
Carrying persons in goods carriages.
Failure to stop when signalled to do so by any person authorised to do so.
Misbehavior with and showing discourtesy to passengers.
Smoking while driving in public service vehicles.
Abandoning vehicle in a public place, causing inconvenience to other road users.
Driving vehicle under the influence of Drink or Drugs.
Loitering or unduly delaying any journey and not proceeding to the destination by nearest route.
Demanding or extra citing excessive fare by a driver of motor cab.
Using mobile phone while driving a vehicle.
Not accept the first offer by motor cab driver.
 Licence at a Glance
Nature of Work Form No. Documents Required Fee
Learner's Licence 1 & 2
a) Age proof
b) Address proof
c) Medical Certificate in form 1-A, for transport licence
d) Passport size photographs - 3 copies
Rs. 30/- for each class
Permanent Driving Licence 4
a) Valid Learner's Licence
b) Passport size photographs - 3 copies
1) Rs. 50 for Test Fee.
2) Rs. 40 for Ordinary
3) Rs. 150 for laminated Licence.
Renewal of Driving Licence 9 & 1
a) Medical Certificate in form-1-A
b) Passport size photographs - 3 copies
Rs. 30 + Rs. 30 for dealy in renewal excluding grace period of 30 days.
Duplicate Driving Licence LLD
a) Old licence of police report in case it lost.
b) Passport size photographs - 2 copies.
1) Rs. 50 for Ordinary Licence.
2) Rs. 200 for laminated licence
Endorsnment of licence. new class on existing licence. 8
a) Old valid licence
b) New learner's licence
c) Passport size photographs - 2 copies.
1) Rs. 30 for Ordinary.
2) Rs. 150 for laminated licence.
International Driving Licence(IDP) IDP
a) Valid driving licence
b) Valid passport
c) Passport size Photgraphs - 3 copies.
Rs. 200/-
Age Proof Address Proof
1. S.S.C Certificate 1. Ration Card
2. Passport 2. Electricity Bill
3. Birth Certificate 3. Electoral Roll
4. School Leaving Certificate 4. Electoral Roll
5. Voters Identity Card
6. Life Insurance Policy
7. Telephone Bill
8. House Tax Receipt

Original or certified copies of any of the above
 Validity of Licence
Type of Licence Form No.
Learner's Licence 6 Months
Driving Licence (Transport) 3 years
Driving Licence (Hazardous Cargo) 1 year
Driving Licence ( Non Transport) 20 years or upto age of 50 whichever is earlier