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Road Safety Digest
Prevention Better than Cure
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Safe riding recommendations for 2 wheeler riders
Precaution to be taken by driver at unguarded railway crossing
Penalties by R.T.O
Detainence by R.T.O
Power of Licence Authority
Licence at Glance
Validity of Licence
Pollution Standards
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Duty of Driver in case of Accident
Parking of your vehicle
Precautions to be taken before overtaking
Characters of a Good Rider
Signs & Signals
Road Demarcation Lines
Driving in Road Junction
Handling Signaling for Riding Vehicles
Traffic Light Signals
Mandatory Signs
Informatory Signs
Cautionary Signs
Traffic Police Signs
 Characters of a Good Rider
 Responsibility :

    Apart from being concerned about this own safety, the rider must take into consideration, the safety of other road users too. It is the basic responsibility for preventing accidents on road.


    The rider should concentrate only in riding his vehicle safely without disturbing the other road users. It is mandatory not to use cell phones, and listen to walkmans.


     The rider should have this basic quality when other road users commit mistake or when he is caught in a traffic jam. The road is not a race track.

 Self confidence :

     The rider should have this quality to be a good rider. It improves with experience. But over confidence is fatal.

 Observe road safety rules:

     The rider should observe and follow the road safety rules as specified in the Motor Vehicle Act. Knowledge on this is the prime duty of a rider.

 Self defence driving:

     The riding on the road depends on so many factors such as road conditions, climatic condition, other riders riding style, pedestrians negligence or snags in the vehicle, if the rider is able to manage all the above factors in a constructive way. Then he is a self defensive rider.

 Knowledge of vehicle:

     It is not necessary to know the technical details of the vehicle. But it is very much essential to know the structure of the vehicle, the way it works, the factors aiding the functioning of the vehicle and maintenance of the vehicle. The above characteristics are that of an expert driver.

The above characteristics are that of an expert

 Observe and follow traffic signs:

There are 3 types of traffic signs.

 Mandatory Signs:
 These Signs have to be observed and followed without asking "why?" - e.g. STOP

 Informatory Signs:
 These sings give us valuable piece of information. e.g. 2 kilo meters - Petrol Bunk Ahead.s

 Cautionary Signs:
 These given caution us about the road conditions. e.g. bridge under construction - take diversion.