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Safe riding recommendations for 2 wheeler riders
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 Road Demarcation Lines
Details of Road demarcations are given below
Type-1: Middle Lines

Type 1 - Middle Lines:

These are straight lines drawn continuosly or spaced in between. These are white or yellow in colour.

When spaced lines are seen, we must drive on the left. Only when requird we must move to the right.

Type 2:

If these middle lines are continuous it prohibits us moving from left ot the right side of the road.

Type-2: Middle Lines
Type-3: Middle Lines

Type 3:

If two centre lines are drawn inwhite or yellow colours, the lines should never be crossed from left to right for any reason.

Type 4:

These white lines divide the road into lanes and a rider can move from one lane to other if the need arises without hindering other road users.

Type-4: Middle Lines
Type-5: 4 Lane Road

Type 5 - 4 Lane Road:

Two lanes are present on either side of the centre line. These are demarcated by spaced lines. These roads are meant for fast and straight driving.

Lane-1 - For turning right.

Lane-2 - To drive slow, straight or to turn left.

Type 6 - 6 Lane Road:

There are 3 lanes present on either side of the centre line.

These are demarcated by spaced lines.

Lane-1- To travel fast, straight or turn right.

Lane-2 - To travel straight and fast.

Lane-3 - To travel fast, straight or turn left.

Type-6: 6 Lane Road
Right Path

    Under normal riding conditions we should leave enough space to the right for vehicles overtaking us and enough space to the left for cycles and other vehicles by driving or vehicles in the middle of the road.